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A Classic Revolution of a Teacher during the Pandemic

A Classic Revolution of a Teacher during the Pandemic in Preschool

The Noble Coronavirus has changed the way humans lived forever. We have learned new ways to live our life and turn every challenge into an opportunity. 

The Education sector is no exception. School owners, teachers, students and their parents have witnessed the biggest revolution during the pandemic. Those days have set a culture of online learning and now, we are also happy with the change.

If you were a teacher before 2019, you know now how the entire system has evolved with the changing world and its needs. Your happy and smooth career has been shaken tremendously and this gave you an opportunity to evolve as an educator and adapt to the new and dynamic ways.

Online learning technology requires extra efforts from our classic teachers to change and adapt to the needs of the modern generation. Well, everybody would thank E-Revolution for keeping a learner’s progress on track during the tough times. We could access education from a distance through our gadgets, no matter where we were. The precious years of a child were saved and the journey to competence could continue without halts.

The first challenge that many teachers faced was lack of technical knowledge and support. There was a need for technical training for such teachers but due to the pandemic, they had to update themselves on their own or from the limited resources they had.

The second biggest challenge was to grab the interest and attention of children. Before the virus took over our lives, children were used to real classrooms where teachers were required to constantly remind them to be attentive but in online classes, it became a difficult job with children at different locations. 

The third challenge was to change the old tricks of teaching that would not work now in online classes. Teachers had to be more enthusiastic and more entertaining while delivering their lectures. 

The fourth challenge was taking assessments. When learning became online, assessments also became online. This led to a compromise in the authenticity of the assessments because children were more prone to cheating. Hence, the new system required a change in the old styles of assessing children.

The fifth challenge was the online lesson plans. Now the plans were all digital, planning activities which were child- appropriate was the biggest challenge here! The change was sudden and massive, hence there was a lot of pressure on teachers as well as parents but where there is a will, there is a way and hence together they made it possible for children.

During this tough and challenging transition, positive feedback from parents has worked as a catalyst. It is a motivation to hear that a child is looking forward to meeting their teacher in the school. A teacher would definitely want to work more hard when a parent says he/she is lucky to have their support in nourishing their children. 

As teachers who are regarded as the light in the dark world, it is our foremost duty to believe in ourselves, to keep our spirits high and transfer this enthusiasm to young learners and encourage their minds to be open for learning and receiving wisdom, no matter what and how!

Years after, when generations will discuss the impact of COVID-19 on humanity, the contribution of a teacher will never be considered any less. If doctors have saved our lives, teachers have made our lives. It is indeed the noblest profession and we are proud of our teachers who have not just survived the COVID 19 revolution but also contributed their best in shaping young minds and in continuing their learning. 


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