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The best pre primary school in India curriculum designed at HAEBIX is totally unique. It is specially prepared after surveying different societies. The way it’s taught makes the child special. It fetches the talent of a child and empowers him accordingly. Parents are not at all burdened and can be carefree as the responsibility of developing your child is on HAEBIX. 

We are here to help every parent in each and every manner to make your child special. Some parts of the curriculum teach the students ethics and culture of India whereas some parts teach the students to learn playfully with the Activity learning concepts and creative learning concepts. It also binds some methodology of Gurukul making us the best pre primary school in India!

Our scientifically researched curriculum is an amalgamation of the academic and personality development of a child. HAEBIX focuses on academics and beyond. We empower children with the powerful tools of creativity and critical thinking that help them become competitive in the global market. Our strongly blended ethos focus on raising responsible and independent young learners. The best pre-primary school in India is driven to create a healthy environment that will help raise caring, capable, responsible, and thriving future generations.

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Haebix is a school chain where the education system makes the child totally unique and enriches them with knowledgeable thoughts without giving any hassle or any burden to the child or their parents. We are inspired by the rich educational tradition of India where the focus is on building the character of a student and making him ready for the world.

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The Best Pre-Primary School in India

Ideal Teacher- Student Ratio
At the best pre primary school in India, we strongly adhere to our ideal teacher-student ratio in order to ensure individualized focus on every child and that every child feels equally loved and valued.
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Interactive Hands-on Activities
We have a well designed curriculum that comprises various interactive co-curricular activities which mindfully engage children and help in developing gross, fine motor skills and other skills.
Best Pre Primary School Chain in India
Creative Thinking Development
Haebix, the best pre primary school in India, focuses on enhancing creativity among children. We expose children to multiple opportunities that develop their creative thinking skills.
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Curriculum Activities

Play Oriented Programs

Best Pre Primary School in India

Cultures Related Activity

Best Pre Primary School in India

Imagination & Aspiration

Social Development

Activity Based Learning

Skill Development

Body Language

Care of Environment

What We Have Achieved?

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Your Questions,

At what age does HAEBIX, the Best Pre Primary School in India accept admissions?

We accept children of age 2 years and above for admissions. This age criteria varies according to the programs. For more details, head to our admissions team!

What are the hours and the schedules?

Different programs run at different timings. The Best Pre Primary School in India has a proper learning schedule as per the age group of children. Contact our admissions team for more inquiries.

What is the teacher student ratio?

We maintain a balanced and optimum teacher-student ratio which is ideally set around 15 children per 1 teacher. We also have support staff to assist the main teacher in handling the children.

What is HAEBIX’s learning/ teaching philosophy and curriculum?

Haebix, the Best Pre Primary School in India, follows a comprehensive approach of educating children. Our ethos are a blend of Montessori Learning and a well researched scientific curriculum that assures holistic development of children.

What are the steps to be followed for admissions?

For securing an admission into the Best Pre Primary School in India, fill the admissions form on our website or contact our admissions team on the provided contact details.

How do I become a Franchise Partner of the Pre Primary School Franchise in India?

To become a Franchise Partner of the best pre primary school franchise in India, fill a form given in our website and we will assist you in joining hands with us.

Does HAEBIX support Corporate Tie-ups?

Yes! We are passionate educators who support tie-ups with willing corporations for providing preschool solutions to their employees.

What is the educational background and qualifications of teachers?

Our teachers have required qualifications as per the norms and are well trained to handle children. Haebix, the best preschool and daycare in India ensures consistent teacher training to keep them updated with the dynamic world.

Are meals and snacks provided?

No, we do not provide meals and snacks. But you can send healthy food with your child to Haebix!

Is a transport facility provided?

This depends upon your area of residence. Kindly connect with our Admissions team for more assistance.