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How to maintain an effective bulletin board

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If you ever ask an outsider what attracts him the most when he walks into your classroom, he will definitely say “He loves the Creative Corners!”

Does your classroom have an effective bulletin board?

If not, it’s time you add one! A well thought and maintained bulletin board not just adds beauty to the walls of your classroom, it also attracts visitors and encourages your students to come to class.

Creating a bulletin board is thrilling, but maintaining an effective one is another story. So, how can you keep things from falling off the wall? Your board can be an effective tool to get your message across. But maintaining it and keeping it interesting can be a challenge. Why? Because a lot of the same information and pictures (that were once working) may have been removed, and a new set of pictures and information has been placed instead. Plus, boards are often shared with others, so they will be ongoing projects.

Hang on to this article to find out how you can maintain an effective bulletin board!

  • Maintain Clear and Concise Boards
    Make sure you put everything neatly and it’s organized. Organization is the key to a perfect bulletin board. Everything has to be balanced, don’t over hoard or keep plenty of blanks on the board. Take care of aesthetics and child-friendliness and keep everything sorted.
  • Add Color and Creativity
    Children love vibrant corners that attract them. Your bulletin board should have the power of attracting viewers. Add colors in the right proportion to make your bulletin board look neat and beautiful. Make sure you add something creative frequently, maybe some pieces of origami, a Christmas tree on Christmas, Cotton Clouds during the rainy season etc. to inspire children.
  • Keep it Updated
    If you keep some content for very long on your bulletin board, your viewers will lose interest in checking it. Hence, it is important to refresh your board with new designs, more creativity that catches the interest of viewers. Fix a time period that you will dedicate to changing and updating your board. It must be regular and well-thought. Don’t put things just for the sake of doing so!
  • Maintain Eye Level
    If your board is too low or too high, people may not be able to read it. So make sure that the alignment and placing is proper to make it effective for the readers. Also it is important to see on which wall you are placing your bulletin board. An interactive bulletin board does students no good if they cannot reach it. When planning such a board, ensure it is at their eye level and easily accessible for young hands.
  • Go for Thematic Boards

You can keep the background, border, and theme decorations all year. Just switch out the student’s work or area of focus as needed. That means less of your precious time is required to change or update a classroom display. Choosing a theme for your classroom will help it feel more organized and inviting for you and your students.


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