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Online Schooling

Best Kindergarten in India

Early Literacy Development

Haebix, the best kindergarten in India, has a curriculum that strongly focuses on building literacy skills among children. Our online schooling system caters to the early literacy development of children through virtual mediums effectively with various interactive tools.

Best Kindergarten in India

Early Numeracy Development

Developing Math Readiness in curious and super active young learners through online schooling is the most celebrated attribute of the best kindergarten in India among parents. We engage children through a lot of attractive activities that build numeracy.

Best Kindergarten in India

Social and Emotional Development

We are dedicated to developing the emotional quotient among young learners and making them socially responsible. We aim to develop independent and thriving learners who are also empathetic towards others and are valuable assets of the global society.

Best Kindergarten in India

No Pandemic shall Stop a Child’s Development!

HAEBIX, the best kindergarten in India, believes that nothing and no one should ever stop a child from learning and growing. With this vision, our online schooling program has become a preferred choice of parents who could not send their children to learning centers during a pandemic.  We are presenting a Certified Online Preschool Program for every child who endures a love for learning and for every parent who desires continuous and quality development for his child. Our innovative curriculum in sync with various interactive activities aims at the holistic development of a child. The focus of the best kindergarten in India is on academic development and beyond and our online schooling program is no exception to our comprehensive vision!

Over 1950+

Parents Trust HAEBIX!

Join Haebix’s Online Preschool Program!

Less Fee Structure as compared to regular fees of preschools

50 minutes sessions each day, 6 days a week

From 1.5 - 7.5 Years

Morning, Noon, Evening

Delivery of Book-set with Soft-copy

Program for all budgets to ensure learning never stops

Award Winning Curriculum and Brand, along with Certified Teachers

At end of academic year child gets REPORT CARD along with CERTIFICATES delivered at home

Best Kindergarten in India

Your Questions,

We accept children of age 2 years and above for admissions. This age criteria varies according to the programs. For more details, head to our admissions team!

Different programs run at different timings. The Best Kindergarten in India has a proper learning schedule as per the age group of children. Contact our admissions team for more inquiries.

We maintain a balanced and optimum teacher-student ratio which is ideally set around 15 children per 1 teacher. We also have support staff to assist the main teacher in handling the children.

Haebix, the Best Kindergarten in India, follows a comprehensive approach of educating children. Our ethos are a blend of Montessori Learning and a well researched scientific curriculum that assures holistic development of children.

For securing an admission into the best nursery school in India, fill the admissions form on our website or contact our admissions team on the provided contact details.

To become a Franchise Partner of the best nursery in India, fill a form given in our website and we will assist you in joining hands with us.

Yes! We are passionate educators who support tie-ups with willing corporations for providing preschool solutions to their employees.

Our teachers have required qualifications as per the norms and are well trained to handle children. Haebix, the best preschool and daycare in India ensures consistent teacher training to keep them updated with the dynamic world.

No, we do not provide meals and snacks. But you can send healthy food with your child to Haebix!

This depends upon your area of residence. Kindly connect with our Admissions team for more assistance.