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Corporate Tie-Up

Best Nursery and Play School in India

Family Friendly Workplace

Corporates that join hands with HAEBIX, the best nursery school in India, and deliver quality schooling solutions to their employees have become a preferred choice and family-friendly workplace.

Top Preschool and Daycare in India

Corporate Preschool and Daycare

A parent readily trusts the preschool and daycare which is a corporate partner of his workplace. Provide a trustworthy option to your employees where they can send their children for learning.

Best Nursery Group in India

Attracting Human Capital

Through partnership with the best nursery school in India, a corporation receives the respect, trust and confidence of its employees by ensuring them that their family’s security is a priority of their company.

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The HAEBIX Advantage

There are numerous benefits of partnering with the best preschool franchise in India. Explore the Haebix advantages and become a partner with us.

  • – Haebix is the best-in-class, trusted choice of corporates and an economically well-known childcare brand in India.
  • – We have a structured, scientific, and well-framed curriculum for the holistic development of early learners.
  • – We foster personalized and customized corporate solutions to match every corporation’s requirements.
  • – The best preschool franchise in India has a state of art infrastructure adhering to the highest standards of security, safety, and hygiene. 
  • Employees can easily track their child’s progress through periodic reports without being intrusive.
  • – The dedicated team of experts at the best nursery school in India manages daily operations with efficiency. 

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We Add Value to Your Services!

Promote Staff Retention
Best Nursery School in India
Build Employee’s Loyalty
Top Preschool Franchises in India
Attract Competitive Talents
Best Nursery School in India

HAEBIX - Your Most Reliable Corporate Partner

World Class and Quality Solutions

HAEBIX, the best nursery school in India provides premium end to end corporate solutions which are tried and tested and has won the trust and confidence of many partners. The quality of our childcare services are high and trusted by parents all over the country. Our premium well crafted solutions cater to a corporation’s diverse agenda and deliver with satisfaction.

Trusted By Corporates

The best nursery school in India is a top choice of corporations and parents all over the country for premium childcare services, researched curriculum and end to end corporate solutions catering to varied objectives. We are a highly compliant and process oriented child care service provider. We help corporations bridge the gender gaps and build a strong human capital.

PAN India Presence

HAEBIX provides a PAN India Network of childcare centers for corporates to choose from. We have several well equipped centers across the length and breadth of the country which makes us the best nursery school in India. Corporations can add value and extend their services for their employees by choosing the best suitable location for them.

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Your Questions,

At what age does HAEBIX, the best Nursery School in India accept admissions?

We accept children of age 2 years and above for admissions. This age criteria varies according to the programs. For more details, head to our admissions team!

What are the hours and the schedules?

Different programs run at different timings. The best nursery school in India has a proper learning schedule as per the age group of children. Contact our admissions team for more inquiries.

What is the teacher student ratio?

We maintain a balanced and optimum teacher-student ratio which is ideally set around 15 children per 1 teacher. We also have support staff to assist the main teacher in handling the children.

What is HAEBIX’s learning/ teaching philosophy and curriculum?

Haebix, the best nursery school in India, follows a comprehensive approach of educating children. Our ethos are a blend of Montessori Learning and a well researched scientific curriculum that assures holistic development of children.

What are the steps to be followed for admissions?

For securing an admission into the best nursery school in India, fill the admissions form on our website or contact our admissions team on the provided contact details.

How do I become a Franchise Partner of the best nursery in India?

To become a Franchise Partner of the best nursery in India, fill a form given in our website and we will assist you in joining hands with us.

Does HAEBIX support Corporate Tie-ups?

Yes! We are passionate educators who support tie-ups with willing corporations for providing preschool solutions to their employees.

What is the educational background and qualifications of teachers?

Our teachers have required qualifications as per the norms and are well trained to handle children. Haebix, the best preschool and daycare in India ensures consistent teacher training to keep them updated with the dynamic world.

Are meals and snacks provided?

No, we do not provide meals and snacks. But you can send healthy food with your child to Haebix!

Is a transport facility provided?

This depends upon your area of residence. Kindly connect with our Admissions team for more assistance.