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Mindful Engagement

What makes us the best daycare in India is our range of activities that help in mindfully engaging young children when away from home. We foster a child’s holistic development through a lot of hands-on activities throughout their schedule at our daycare.

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Home-like Parenting

HAEBIX Premium Daycare, the best daycare in India,  was born out of the belief that a parent can have both – thriving children and a progressive career. Thus, we promise you home-like care and parenting for the apple of your eye while you are away at work.

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Opportunities for Free-Play

We believe when a child learns through play, the impact stays with him forever. At Haebix Daycare, we provide a child with a lot of opportunities for free play that help him discover his inherent capabilities, explore the unexplored and become a lifelong learner.

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Hello, Welcome to the Best Daycare in India!

Haebix Premium Daycare is a highly structured learning center with a wide range of activities where we wish to create a meaningful impact in the lives of our children. Our vision for daycare states that no parents should have to compromise their career and no child should have to compromise on love and childhood care. We believe a working parent can have it both – a successful career and happy children!

We promise home-like parenting in a secure and positive environment. The atmosphere at Haebix is dedicated to ensuring the emotional and social security of growing children. Every corner speaks for child development strategies and is carefully designed to attract young learners. Our staff is equipped and trained to handle children effectively with love and warmth. Our dedication and the award-winning program have made us the best daycare in India.

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How does HAEBIX support Child Development?

Grooms Personality
At Haebix, the best daycare in India, we help a child in becoming confident and develop self-esteem through positive encouragement and environment.
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Encourages Creativity
Creativity not only keeps a child mindfully engaged but is also vital in developing the brain cells of children. We encourage and promote creativity at HAEBIX.
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Develops Mannerisms
The best daycare in India is a trusted choice of parents for its quality of parenting. We encourage good behavior through appreciation and rewards.
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Choose Home-like Parenting at Haebix!

Innovative Approach to Childcare

Haebix, the best daycare franchise in India, believes in nurturing new ideas and innovations. We help children explore and discover their interests. We want them to creatively experiment with resources at our center and come out with brilliant new ideas! Our program is meant for facilitating tiny hands with valuable tools of creativity.

Opportunities for Free-play
The top daycare franchise in India promotes free and independent play among children that encourages them to explore and discover new ideas in a playful and interactive set-up. We aim at mindfully engaging children when they are away from home! Through ample learning opportunities at HAEBIX we develop children into life-long learners.
Fosters Discipline in Children

Our researched daycare program establishes a routine for children and encourages them to adhere to discipline that comes from within. We raise positive self-consciousness in young children that encourages them to act right even when no one is watching. This is an important characteristic of a responsible global citizen.

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Your Questions,

At what age does HAEBIX, the daycare in India accept admissions?

We accept children of age 2 years and above for admissions. This age criteria varies according to the programs. For more details, head to our admissions team!

What are the hours and the schedules?

Different programs run at different timings. The daycare in India has a proper learning schedule as per the age group of children. Contact our admissions team for more inquiries.

What is the teacher student ratio?

We maintain a balanced and optimum teacher-student ratio which is ideally set around 15 children per 1 teacher. We also have support staff to assist the main teacher in handling the children.

What is HAEBIX’s learning/ teaching philosophy and curriculum?

Haebix, the best daycare in India, follows a comprehensive approach of educating children. Our ethos are a blend of Montessori Learning and a well researched scientific curriculum that assures holistic development of children.

What are the steps to be followed for admissions?

For securing an admission into the best daycare in India, fill the admissions form on our website or contact our admissions team on the provided contact details.

How do I become a Franchise Partner of the best daycare franchise in India?

To become a Franchise Partner of the daycare franchise in India, fill a form given in our website and we will assist you in joining hands with us.

Does HAEBIX support Corporate Tie-ups?

Yes! We are passionate educators who support tie-ups with willing corporations for providing preschool solutions to their employees.

What is the educational background and qualifications of teachers?

Our teachers have required qualifications as per the norms and are well trained to handle children. Haebix, the best preschool and daycare in India ensures consistent teacher training to keep them updated with the dynamic world.

Are meals and snacks provided?

No, we do not provide meals and snacks. But you can send healthy food with your child to Haebix!

Is a transport facility provided?

This depends upon your area of residence. Kindly connect with our Admissions team for more assistance.